How To Market Your Home To Millennials

You’ve probably heard about how not enough millennials nowadays are buying homes like the previous generations. “Millennials don’t buy homes”, everyone says. They’re either renting homes, jumping from city to city, or just not prioritizing owning a home at this stage of their lives. Marketing a home isn’t as easy as it used to be, especially when it comes to millennials. From busy lives to spending time on social media to settling down at a later age, millennials are motivated by different things. Despite that, millennials are a great audience to market your home to, especially because of their large spending power and presence in society – but only if you truly understand them and know what peaks their attention.

Millennials (or Gen Y) are typically in their early/mid-twenties to mid-thirties and are known for being tech-savvy and independent. They’re up to date with everything going on around them, so there are effective ways to get the word out to them about the home that you’re wanting to market.

Have an Appealing Online Presence 

First of all, millennials get all of their information online. The days of “FOR SALE” signs are over, so it’s essential that your home has an online presence. Get your house on all of the Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, especially since millennials are constantly browsing for homes whenever they’re moving around cities.

That being said, all of the content you put online must be aesthetically appealing to millennials. Millennials are attracted to clean and tasteful design, as well as language that speaks to them. Make sure all content you post is easy to see, high resolution, and witty. Good-quality videos will peak millennials’ interest because they want a good look before deciding to commit to something.

Millennials also love prompt online communication while using their phones. Whether it’s emails, DMs, or instant notifications with updates about your home, millennials love to get their initial information all online and they want the information fast. They appreciate quick responses, or they’ll quickly lose interest or see it as a negative consumer experience.

Talk About The Space

When it comes to your actual home, millennials value their space and ambiance. Millennials are social people who love to have friends over, host dinner parties, and have room in their home for their side projects. When millennials are thinking about where they’re going to live next, they’ve probably got a list of things they care about and want to have in their home. Maybe it’s amenities or location or price. Think about the biggest perk of your home. Is it the fact that it’s walking distance to the supermarket? Or does it have an open floor plan with amazing natural lighting? Whatever it is, make sure you market your home in a positive light and enhance the features that millennials usually like.

Location is extremely important to millennials and will be a huge factor in whether or not millennials are interested in your home. Always on the move, millennials want to be close to train stations, bus stops, major highways, or bike trails (depending on what city you live in). They need easy access to get their activities done while also having fun, whether it’s visiting their friends, heading to the gym after work, or checking out nearby events. It all depends on where your home is located, so find out what makes your home convenient and accessible.

Be Helpful

Millennials rarely have any home buying experience, so make sure you’re as helpful as can be. A lot of millennials consult the internet or their parents for advice, especially on serious topics like buying a home. The most convenient option is talking to the person actually selling them the home, so be prepared to give a lot of basic information, as well as break down the complexities of buying a home. Be patient and easy to talk to, since millennials will probably have a lot of questions. Don’t just be helpful, but also be friendly. Millennials value good communication and friendships, so make sure you are making the home buying process easy for them. If they have a good experience with you, word-of-mouth is very important to them so they’ll talk about their experiences with their friends and hopefully encourage them to also buy homes.

If you keep all of these things in mind when marketing your home, millennials will feel at ease with their first purchase of a home and there’s a good chance they’ll want to take over your property. Millennials can buy homes and once they really want something, they’ll make sure they get it.